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    KALEXCO is committed to provide products and services of a quality that meet the initial and continuing needs and expectations of customers in relation to the price paid and to the nature of competitive offering and in doing so to be leader in product quality reputation. It is the policy of the company that its products shall meet all specified and implied standards of performance, reliability and quality



We believe the die - making is too important to be left to others. In order to guarantee the high standard of precision our customers rightly expect, we employ the world's most advanced technologies of design, manufacturing, salt heat treatment and nitriding, matched by a highly skilled staff and technicians.



Our 2000 tons extrusions press is fully automatic. The induction billet heater is equipped with a hot brushing machine in order to obtain the best anodizing quality. A programmable 55 meter run-out table and stretcher as well as aging equipment complete the world's most advanced extrusion plant.


Cast House

We believe the raw materials are irreplaceable. Our melting department is equipped with a computer - controlled hydraulically tilted furnace, linked with a fully automatic D.C. casting machine. A spectral analysis computer maintains the constant high quality of every billet, which is checked by microscopy inspection after homogenizing.

Cast House

Anodizing and Polishing

Our anodizing plant, capable of programming the load bars in strict accordance with the customer's requirements. All determining factors are controlled by computer in order to obtain a standard of surface finishing unparalleled by conventional technologies.

Powder Coating

Powder Coating

We have fully automatic powder coating plant using modern technology as per the international standard meeting customer's requirement. Powder coating ensures the application of a top quality protective film in one operation and specifically used on architectural metal work ideally suited for curtain wall system all types of windows and doors, rolling shutters, accessories and many other aluminum product.

Anodizing and Polishing


Our experts have the state of the art tools,electronic equipment, and supplies to unclog any drain in a timely manner.

  • Sinks and Faucets

  • Hot Water Dispenser

  • Polybutylene Pipe Replacement

  • Bathtubs and Showers

  • Sump Pump and Sewage Ejector Pumps


Aluminium & Extrusion

Aluminum’s versatility derives from its unique combination of properties: it is light and has a high strength-to-weight ratio (up to four times higher than steel), as well as superior corrosion resistance, good thermal conductivity and excellent low-temperature performance. A wide range of Aluminium alloys and tempers are available that can be matched to any machining operation, manufacturing process, finishing method or product.

Due to its excellent ductility at elevated temperature, Aluminium is well suited for shaping by the extrusion process - additionally, the extrusion process is very versatile allowing an almost unlimited variety of shapes to be produced. This combination of metal and manufacturing process offers designers a freedom from shape restriction that is unparallel among structural materials.

Aluminium extrusions are used in commercial and domestic buildings for window and door frame systems, curtain walls, exterior cladding, balustrades, roofing, awnings, blinds, gutters and down pipes, fencing, wall panels, partitions, heating and ventilation, scaffolding, ladders as well as many architectural applications. Furthermore, extrusions are also used in transport for airframes, road and rail vehicles and in marine applications. There are a wide range of other applications including electrical appliances, lighting equipment and sporting goods.

The term extrusion is usually applied to both the process and the product obtained when a hot cylindrical billet of Aluminium is forced through a shaped die

Aluminium and Extrusion

The most commonly used extrusion process is the hot direct process - where a heated billet (450ºC - 500ºC) is forced through the die by a hydraulic ram. The cross-sectional shape of the extrusion is defined by the shape of the die. The resulting section can be used in long lengths or cut into short pieces for use in structures, vehicles or components.